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On the Library

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the Library: 

info such as this one:

...(5) Parking Structure: below street level with 62-65 spaces, 9-10 foot ceiling able to accommodate full-size vans, a well- lit, comfortable environment with easy access to the Library.



the Community: 

p. 35 mention of library

p. 46 community development

p. 49 Shared Parking

p. 50 Parking [important]

p. 52 Avoid excessive parking

p. 53 Architectural Style

p. 83 Parking decks


Code of Ordinances - City of Grosse Pointe, MI

chapter 90: zoning


Local Organizations:


Recent Articles:

via Steven: the talk of the town in Grosse Pointe Farms!


This cartoon, an op-ed with the headline 'Central Branch Must be Saved', and 3 angry letters arguing against the demolition ran in the grosse pointe news this week. the paper also included announcements of three public meetings which will be held to discuss the library's plans. Unfortunately i have not read any of this, only heard about it from a local person sympathetic to our efforts. The paper's webpage is a pay site, so i can't post the text of the editorial.


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